Show the most relevant products and sell more

Combining Visual AI and Machine Learning, Smart Recommendations allows retailers to make recommendations that show products your consumers are most likely to buy.


CVR increase


AOV increase



With 5 fully customizable AI recommendation algorithms that are continuously optimize for your business goals whether it be revenue, profit or conversions. See an immediate boost in your key metrics.

Visually Similar Recommendations

Make recommendations based on what shoppers are seeing.

Instantly curate a collection of items to keep your customers engaged and get them buying even when the desired item is out of stock.

  • Increase CVR
  • Offer “out of stock” alternatives
  • Ideal for PDP

Personalized Recommendations

Personalize without collecting personal data.

Drive engaging personalized experiences for all shoppers, including non-logged in and first time visitors.

  • Increase CVR
  • Personal experience for all visitors
  • Ideal for PDP, home page

Outfit Recommendations

Delight shoppers with full outfits and boost cart sizes.

Automatically create outfits from your catalog’s existing assets with 3 fully customizable Outfit Recommendation strategies for every occasion: Shop the Model, Outfit Inspiration and Pairing Suggestions

  • Increase AOV and CVR
  • Ideal for PDP, PLP, email retargeting, checkout page

Put your entire catalog to work

Spark inspiration and guide shoppers toward purchases they would have never organically discovered. Use Smart Tagging to power endless Smart Recommendations across your entire range.

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Turn the hottest trends into shoppable options your customers can choose from.

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Promote revenue-generating product categories that get less organic traffic.

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Delight customers with personalized product discovery experiences.


Increase in Conversions



Measure the impact of curated recommendations

Showpo is able to show customers better product suggestions by using ViSenze’s Smart Recommendations for product discoverability. This includes similar alternative items or complementary offers showcased on the product detail page.

Discover how ViSenze can grow revenues with Smart Recommendations

Introduce dynamic product suggestions to help shoppers browse and buy faster