See it, find it, buy it

Let your web and mobile app vistors find what they want faster using a photo, saved image or screenshot.

Smart Search enables visual search to complement your existing text-based search, so high-intent customers can discover, shop and convert instantly.

ViSenze Smart Search improves your online product search, transforms in-store product discovery, and optimizes your merchandising operations. A truly Smart Search.

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Generate higher click-through rates and increase your sales.

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Deliver highly accurate and relevant results every time.

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Help your shoppers find the products they want faster.

Shoppers are searching —
help them find your products first

Consumers are constantly inspired by the trends they see in their physical and digital worlds. When they’re ready to purchase, Smart Search helps you get discovered when it matters most.


CVR Increase


AOV Increase



Enable advanced product search from anywhere

Consumers don’t always have the right words for what they’re looking for. Intuitive visual search tools support faster, more accurate product discovery.

Wherever and whenever inspiration starts, Smart Search turns inspiration into instant gratification.

Let customers search from:

  • Uploaded images
  • Social media inspiration
  • Retail catalogs
  • In-store products
  • Chatbot interactions
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98% – 99%

Optimize search accuracy with enriched data

Modules in the ViSenze Discovery Suite work in tandem to deliver the biggest impact. Together, our AI-powered Catalog Enrichment and Smart Search surface the right products to the right customers.

Track customer search behaviors and successes

Use Smart Data with Smart Search to understand what customers are looking for and how they engage with the results.

  • Analyze searches at the attribute level for deeper trends and insights.
  • Understand which queries and search results are driving sales.
  • Compare popular site search queries against your product catalog.
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Enable a smarter search experience with the ViSenze Discovery Suite

AI-powered product search represents untapped potential for brands looking to get discovered. 

Find out more about Smart Search and the ViSenze Discovery Suite.