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Our Approach

ViSenze does more than simply provide retailers with the best product discovery solution in the industry. Our talented team works alongside our customers to continuously map their needs to our capabilities.


From proof of concept and testing to launch and scaling, our team partners with customers every step of the way.


We work with customers to continuously analyze performance, recommending new ways to maximize success.


We understand that not all retailers are the same, so we help our customers solve the problems that matter most to them.

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The modules within the Discovery Suite work together to positively influence every touchpoint along the customer journey.

Powered by the ViSenze Discovery Suite, global brands and retailers help shoppers discover products faster and confidently make purchases more quickly. We help our retail partners deliver exceptional customer experiences to grow their revenues and market share.

Global fashion

$40 million

revenue annualized

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29x ROI

Top European
furniture retailer

$4.5 million

revenue in 8 weeks

Our Platform

To support advanced AI capabilities, the Discovery Suite has data at its core.

Fast to ingest data 

Retailers can quickly integrate their full product catalogs from multiple e-commerce, PIM and DAM platforms with the Discovery Suite.

Optimizable with A/B testing

Configuration rules and tracking can be implemented for each placement. Retailers can test different strategies and adapt to reach their desired outcomes. 

Flexible placements

Features are easy to deploy anywhere and everywhere: 

  • Homepage
  • Category pages
  • Product listing page
  • Out of stock page
  • Checkout page

Instant insights

From how individual shoppers query, view, click and interact with products, to what broader customer segments buy, retailers can use these insights to continuously learn more about their audiences.

Easy to fine-tune

Our AI technology draws on product meta-data to generate the most accurate and helpful results. Simple customizations let retailers: 

  • Show products in a certain price range
  • Boost products from specific brands
  • Hide out-of-stock products

Our Technology


A scalable infrastructure supports storing and processing billions of product SKU data without sacrificing performance.


Search results are generated in less than 500 milliseconds.


QA analysts gave ViSenze a 90%+ satisfaction rate for search, match and similar results.


High availability and reliable service, averaging 99.96% uptime.


Inspired by how humans see the world. Designed to use minimal pre-processing.

Continuous training

High-quality training data enables continuous improvement in recognition models and accuracy.

Monitoring and reporting

Our comprehensive client console allows for measuring performance metrics and impact at-a-glance.

Domain models

Advanced models and algorithms are developed specifically for online retailers.

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Our Partners

There’s a powerful partner ecosystem behind our strength, scalability and innovation. Together with leading global technology partners, ViSenze helps retailers attract new customers, boost retention rates and revenues and lead at the cutting edge of e-commerce.


Algolia is the leading provider of search-as-a-service for the retail space. Algolia and ViSenze combine our market-leading AI product enrichment to help drive greater discovery for both text and visual search.

Zalora is the leading name in online fashion shopping. Innovations like its data analytics platform TRENDER provide brand partners valuable insights.

ViSenze is an advanced technology partner of AWS, the largest on-demand cloud computing platform powering the most sophisticated AI solutions for retailers throughout the world.

Criteo gives marketers and media owners trusted and impactful advertising. Its industry-leading Commerce Media Platform activates the world’s largest set of commerce data to drive better outcomes.


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